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Lisa Dupuy and Daniel Maissan

Date: October 16, 2021 

In towns throughout Southwest Asia, you will always meet someone named Abraham — Ibrahim, in Arabic, Turkish, and Kurdish. Journalist Lisa Dupuy and photographer Daniel Maissan have embarked on a “slow journalism” project: they’re walking in Southwest Asia to meet people named after the prophet who’s regional legacy is hospitality. What is real life like for today’s Ibrahim? In this episode of Meet Us on the Abraham Path, Lisa and Daniel will tell stories from their recent trek in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and introduce us to the Abrahams/Ibrahims they met along the way!

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“One of the best new trails in the world in 2017.” Wanderlust Magazine.

“The message that Sinai is not a war-torn province but a destination with stunning natural beauty and rich culture can be difficult to broadcast over the clamor of conflict, but it’s slowly making a difference.” AramcoWorld, May-June 2018.

The Abraham Path was selected as one of the best 10 new walking trails in the world by National Geographic in April, 2019.

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