The First Long-Distance
Hiking Trail in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Zagros Mountain Trail is a 220km long trail through the Kurdistan region of Iraq. It begins at the monastery of Al Qosh in the West, and takes walkers along ancient pilgrimage routes, trading paths, and shepherds’ tracks to reach the foot of Mount Halgurd in the East.

Where Are We Now?

In 2019 we began scouting walking trails in the Kurdistan Regional Governorate (KRG), and key stakeholders have told us a long-distance walking trail is a great idea.

The trail is a work in progress, and there will be opportunities to walk on it in late 2022 and into 2023. To be kept informed of those journeys, and other updates, please sign up here.

We’ve been hard at work throughout the pandemic; in the last three years we’ve:

      • Scouted nearly 200 km of trail following the Zagros mountains and the Zab River, from the ancient Al Qosh Monastery in the west, to Halgurd Mountain in the east, passing through Akre, the Shanidar Cave, Rwanduz, and other natural, cultural and historical sites.
      • Established relationships with 36 communities along the trail.
      • Connected with five homestay host families.
      • Engaged 10 day-stage hiking guides.
      • Initiated relationships with seven outdoor clubs representing hundreds of local walkers.

Featured in The New York Times Magazine

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April 20, 2022

Lawin Mohammad collects trails in the mountains of Kurdistan. He has met scores of shepherds on their daily wanderings. He confers with beekeepers on high passes. He follows aging pesh merga on their former patrols and waylays Christian and Yazidi pilgrims…READ MORE

Among Mountains

An Adventure in Kurdistan

Abraham Path Initiative

We envision the simple act of walking as a way for people from all over the world to connect with one another, explore together, and exchange ideas and knowledge. The Abraham Path Initiative (API) catalyzes global appreciation for the widespread traditions of hospitality that permeate Southwest Asia (aka “the Middle East”). People practice hospitality in honor of the myriad acts of kindness attributed to the legendary prophet Abraham/Ibrahim. API helps you access that hospitality through walking.


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