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API invests with local partners to achieve shared goals for a fruitful future.

Since its inception, the Abraham Path Initiative envisioned internationals and locals walking together and seeking regional solutions to global challenges that range from climate change and environmental conservation to community development and entrepreneurship. In this expression, the path becomes a vehicle for learning and development, linking the communities that exist along it, and is a platform for meeting others –– even for those who already live in the region.

Our Esteemed Partners:


UNRWA Schools Walks

In 2019, the Abraham Path Initiative organized three journeys for students from the Al Fawwar and Al Arrub UNRWA refugee camps to walk on the Masar Ibrahim, the 330km trail running from the most northern part of the West Bank to the south. One hundred students went on these walks. These refugee camps are in the Hebron district in southern Palestine.

For teenagers who rarely get a chance to roam freely, walking in the Palestinian countryside and connecting with their heritage was memorable.

The students, male and female, walked in Wadi Qelt (the so-called “Valley of the Shadow of Death”) and received education in local flora and fauna, environmental sustainability training, “Leave No Trace” (LNT), and a picnic lunch prepared by a women’s center. They saw part of the Palestinian homeland (commonly called “the West Bank”) and gained a sense of what it means to be a steward of the land. Guides, bus drivers and women’s centers also benefited with income earned through this opportunity. Twenty photography graduates from the Hebron Governorate photographed and videotaped the third of the UNRWA student walks. They recorded the personal experiences of the young walkers, highlighting the excitement of their adventure and appreciation for the field trip. The photographs were displayed in an exhibition in the Hebron municipality offices. Photos are published on API’s and Hebron Governorate websites, providing a visual overview of the school trips for broaders audiences.


Princess Basma

In October 2019, the Abraham Path Initiative partnered with the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre, a charitable, non-governmental, non-profit institution that provides services for children with disabilities in Palestine, to organize a youth walk from Wadi Qelt to Jericho.

The Abraham Path Initiative aspires to expand partnerships with locally-based organizations to bring the opportunity to walk outdoors and connect with nature.

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