The Abraham Path is an audacious idea, it’s a group of communities, and it’s a journey through 2000 kms of trails.

We envision the Middle East as a global destination for world class walking trails, hospitality, and a place of transformative connections.

Our Mission is to empower vibrant growth through trail development, storytelling, education, and heritage preservation.


2024 Senior Fellows

2024 Senior Fellows

Welcome to the Inaugural Class of API Senior Fellows!

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API is pleased to announce our new Senior Fellowship Program!

API fellows have demonstrated a commitment to API’s vision of a Middle East known as a global destination for world class walking trails, hospitality, and a place of transformative connections. 

"Every step along the Abraham Path connects us as human beings across culture, language, religion, and nationality.  Every hospitable welcome, every shared meal and story, every smile connects. Step by step, we build a better future.” 

William Ury, Founder and Chair Emeritus

The Abraham Path is a cultural route celebrating a journey made 4,000 years ago by Abraham and his family. The path retraces the cultural memory of that journey based on the power of Story, Walking, and Hospitality. The path is a work in progress, literally growing step by step in various regions throughout the Middle East.

The purpose of the Abraham Path is to inspire hope for humanity.

Our Work:

$3.3M investment in Palestine in partnership with the World Bank

$260,000 feasibility study in Saudi Arabia

$250,000 trail building investment eastern Turkey

$50,000 trail building investment in the Egyptian Sinai

Our Impact:

2,000 KM of Trails developed 

More than 80,000 Walkers

Hundreds of completed Storytelling and Cultural Preservation Projects

“One of the best new trails in the world in 2017.”
Wanderlust Magazine.

“The message that Sinai is not a war-torn province but a destination with stunning natural beauty and rich culture can be difficult to broadcast over the clamor of conflict, but it’s slowly making a difference.”
AramcoWorld, May-June 2018.

The Abraham Path was selected as one of the best 10 new walking trails in the world by National Geographic in April, 2019.

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