The Abraham Path Initiative (API) catalyzes global appreciation for the widespread traditions of hospitality that permeate “the Middle East.” The majority of people that live in western Asia practice hospitality in honor of the myriad acts of kindness attributed to the legendary prophet Abraham/Ibrahim. We help you access them through walking.

Abraham Path Initiative (API) is a US-based nonprofit organization that fuels and promotes walking trails in Southwest Asia. Walkers authentically experience local peoples, cultures, and the region’s spectacular scenery. We have generated over 2000 miles of trail since 2007, working with partners in Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Sinai, and Iraq — not to mention new jobs, professions, and perspectives.  

The pandemic moved Abraham Path Initiative into cyberspace as well, introducing global audiences to people, landscapes, and cities of Southwest Asia through webinars and live, online tours. We continue creating new trail in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Our commitment is complemented by the courage and welcome we experience with residents of the region and people that visit. “This path is about honor,” says William Ury, API founder and chair emeritus of its board. “Honor is present when you offer hospitality and it is returned when hospitality is accepted.” This project is a pathway to hope, health, and global neighborliness.

“One of the best new trails in the world in 2017.” Wanderlust Magazine.

“The message that Sinai is not a war-torn province but a destination with stunning natural beauty and rich culture can be difficult to broadcast over the clamor of conflict, but it’s slowly making a difference.” AramcoWorld, May-June 2018.

The Abraham Path was selected as one of the best 10 new walking trails in the world by National Geographic in April, 2019.